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"My Education - My Future".


Providing all students with a high quality education that enables them to be contributing members of our multiethnic, multicultural, pluralistic society.
We seek to create an environment that achieves equity for all students and ensure that each student is a successful learner, is fully respected, and learns to respect others.


Ten years ago, on 16 January 2006 our Founder Managing Director Al Haj A.H.M. Naseer started a small institution named “Bright International School” in the Ahadiya premises. This school started with the help of Allah, co-operation of the parents, and the support of the Ahadiya Academy. the main purpose of starting this school was educating the children of this village in all three languages English, Sinhala and Tamil.

Our school then, had only 19 students and 4 teachers. The teachers were Mr. Irshad, Ms. Jeewanadani,Mrs. Deana Dissanayake and Ms.Upeksha Puspanjali. Mr. Irshad acted as the Principal until 2014. At the beginning the school used only one building of the Ahadiya Academy, and there was only a small playground.

But now our beloved Bright International School is showing its colors all over the island! The school has shown rapid development in the past few years. Now we are using all the buildings of the Ahadiya Academy along with a large playground and we have all the same facilities that state schools have. We have a good Library, an ICT lab, a well equipped Science lab etc. And with time the Number of students and staff too has increased. The number of students now is arround 250 and we have about 30 members of the tutorial staff.

We are proud to say that our school is the best among many schools in this area. I think this news of achievement is sufficient to prove our school has now developed to be a high profile school. And we, as the students of Bright International School pray for its further development.

"Our Beloved Bright! May there be success in everything good that is done at B.I.S"

Welcome To Bright International

The 10th Anniversary Celebrations at Bright International School will be marked in many ways throughout the year, and the souvenir which carries this message will be just one of the memorabilia which we hope will be treasured by all who obtain a copy.
As I look back over the journey we have travelled these past ten years I see the different milestones achieved by Bright International School and I thank our Almighty God for all the blessings showered upon us. We have so much to be grateful for and we look forward to his continued blessings in the years to come.
I struggled against myself for many months in 2005, when I first faced the idea of taking on the task of starting and sustaining an English Medium International School in such a remote area as Yagamwala in Dummalasooriya. My heart told me I could do it; my mind said I should not; and my soul saw that the Almighty had stood beside me every step of my way so far and He would continue to do so. I am happy to state that those who were vociferous in their rejection of the idea of the existence of the school are now amongst the most fervent supporters of Bright International School!
My thanks go out to all the innumerable people who have kept faith in Bright International School and our policies throughout the years. I assure you that we will always be on the lookout for better and more innovative ways of handling the school so that all our present children as well as those who will join our school in the coming years will benefit from the seeds we plant now.
As I look into the future with confidence that our Almighty God will grant us His blessings in even greater measure, I see our 1st Batch of O/Level students sitting for their examination in 2017, and then I look further and see a Bachelor's Degree Programme being completed by our students…. , The Future is Bright because - Education is our Future

A H Mohamed Naseer (MBA-Aus.)
Founder Managing Director.

Teachers those who working

  • Irshad M.L.I
  • David Phillips
  • Hemachandra Pathirana
  • Prasanjala Sarojani
  • Gayani Panawala
  • Priyanka Geethangani
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Teachers those who retired from service

  • Chandrasekara W.A.S.P
  • Nandanie Herath
  • Siyana M.S.F.
  • Sazmina F
  • Chandralatha Menike


Ahadhiya Town,
Sri Lanka.

Email: brightyagamwela@gmail.com
Website: www.brightsl.com

International School

The founders of the School with the able support and valuable contribution of Mr. Rizman Razak presently working as a professionally qualified Microsoft Trainer, have set a uniquely purposeful and far-reaching target of providing wholesome educational products for students from Nursery up to PhD level, all under one roof.